Monday, April 18, 2016

Some progress. Some.

It's the start of a new week and I'm back at it. Unfortunately last week wasn't particularly effective, as my clients at Nikon had some needs that took up a lot of time, so Daption got put a bit on the back burner. But I don't want to do that too much, so this week it's a priority.

Some things are progressing. Some less so.

I got the introduction to the corporate structure consultant. We're now scheduled to have a call on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to hearing what he's got to say. He tends to take on big clients with big businesses, so I hope he can relate to my small scale.

I hired a graphic designer to put together a corporate identity. She's already come back with a few ideas and directions which I'm pretty pleased with. We may end up having a distinct logo, or we may just go with a wordmark. We'll see.

And I hired a fashion designer to start working with me on product assortment. This is, of course, the most important thing. This is what we're going to be making. So the first step is critical. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if we're off to the best start, so I'll have to make a decision on that in the next day or so. Our first round was far off the mark from the premium feel that I want to have. There are providers out there who already make what we're going to make. I want to make something better, so that we can improve lives.

I also had an amazing call last Thursday with an advisor who was the founder of one of the world's premiere functional apparel brands. He gave me some incredibly useful information on product development, production, brand management and financial challenges. I'm not sure if he's willing for me to say he's given me a hand publicly, so I can't name drop yet, but it was very useful.

I'm not really afraid of the brand management, marketing and ecommerce. That's what I do. The product development and production is scary, but I can take care of that. The cash flow discussion was fascinating and clearly a hurdle for success. As he put it, the apparel business often becomes a financing business. It's obvious once you get into it, but I had no idea.

So, a very good week last week, even if less focussed than hoped.

Now, we need to start making progress on making stuff.


Rob Newell said...

Very intrigued by this Stefan - sounds great, look forward to following the progress on here. Hope you're well.

Stefan said...

Glad to have intruiged you Rob. I guess I've been somewhat secretive so far, but it's not really a secret. I guess it just may make for more interesting reading if I don't tell all too soon.

I'm good. Hope you and the family are well too.