Sunday, October 20, 2013

No barber. But a good hair cut all the same.

To follow up on my long ago post about the challenges of finding a barber in Amsterdam - I did eventually find one. Just up the street from the barber shop mentioned in my prior post is the Knipperette. This is a one woman place run by Sanna. She's a charming Dutch woman with her shop just a block away from her home. She's always got a great sense of humour, she serves a very good cup of cappucino, and she does a good job with my hair. As I get thinner up top the sides tend to poke out, and Sanna knows how to cut so to postpone that unfortunate scenario for as long as possible.

She's hard to get ahold of and she works by appointment only. But if you're in Amsterdam and need a good cut give her a call.

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