Saturday, July 14, 2012

Finding a barber in Amsterdam

One thing that I've never been able to get sorted out in the year plus since I've moved to Amsterdam is where to get my hair cut. I've gone to herenkapsalons (sort of dutch barbers), hipster hair places recommended by my co-workers and, most often, to a Moroccan barber that's not too far away. Each of these places has their own set of issues, ranging from price to a language barrier to simply bad haircuts.

After my last mis-adventure I was convinced that this was a solid unmet business opportunity. There's got to be lots of people like me who would love a good guy's barbershop. Unfortunately, I don't know the first thing about cutting hair, so I'm likely not about to make a career change.

I was very excited the other day when I saw a very cool looking barber shop opening just south of Haarlemerdijk, not too far from me. They advertised shaves and trims in a well designed space. Oddly, they just named the shop Barber - nothing more. Clear, I suppose, but not terribly creative.

I popped in there today asking for a haircut. I was informed that they only did buzzcuts, not actually proper haircuts. I misinterpreted things and thought that the woman (can't remember her name, but she was very friendly and nice) meant that they just did trims with electric razors. Seeing that I just needed a bit of a touch-up I said I was in and returned a little later.

The first good sign was that they said their coffee machines was down, but offered me a beer instead. Nice. I've never been offered a beer in a barber before. And the interior design is great. Very simple and clean but masculine. Fabulous leather chairs. And electrical wiring running through exposed copper piping attached to the ceiling. Just a great looking space. If you're in the neighborhood it's worth checking out.

Once I'd settled in the barber took the electric razor, showed me the length she was going to use, then proceeded to trim the sides and back. Then she went right over the top. Yikes! I don't have much hair to spare. Most of it on top disappeared when I was in my early 20's. And now I watched what was left hit the floor. After the first swipe there was nothing to do but keep going.

Fortunately, the barber was so nice that I couldn't be upset. Besides, I think she'd been pretty clear, I simply had understood. (Not uncommon for me around here.)

On the positive side, they do great beard work with a straight razor. I don't get shaved very often. It's a bit terrifying having a blade held to your throat. But she took her time and cleaned me up nicely.

So I still haven't solved the mystery of where to get my hair cut in Amsterdam. But at least I wont have to worry about it for a while. Not until some of it grows back at least.

Here's the sad remnants from the top of my head.

If you're in need of a shave in Amsterdam head here - or visit them on Facebook

If you're in need of a great barbershop to get a haircut, I can't help you.


Christy said...

Let's see a picture of you.

Stefan said...

Uh. No.

Victoria said...

I'm sorry to hear about your misunderstanding but I have to admit your post made me laugh so hard I cried.

Thank you.

PS - I second Christy's request.

RN said...

Come on Stefan - you can't write that and not show a picture!

Stefan said...

This guy went into the barber right before me. He had awesome hair before. My favourite part is the difference in the size of our piles of hair after.

Jan R Bos said...

Cool video, but I'm pretty sure you didn't have that much hair to start with. Come on, show us the proof!