Monday, May 10, 2010

Yoga and other silly pursuits

I have sadly discovered that as I grow older my body has become much less flexible. So, on our first morning in Goa, I decided to avail myself of our place’s morning yoga sessions. I may be the only Vancouverite who has never done yoga, and this was an interesting place for my first time. Our session was outside in a small cement area that they’ve built for this purpose. It’s a terrific setting, covered by the jungle canopy, with the sounds of all the local birds accompanying us. There were five participants, including Colleen and I, and of course there was the Indian yoga instructor, who was super bendy flexy. I enjoyed the class, although I wasn’t able to get fully into a lot of the poses, and I did have one falling incident when I tried to do with my right arm what my left arm was supposed to be doing, but overall, if I can’t quite call it fun, it was an interesting experience. And I’m sure it can’t hurt my golf game.

Back home Colleen often goes to “runners yoga”. I was running pretty regularly until late last year, when I damaged my foot, and I can understand the appeal of runners yoga. But I don’t understand why no one seems to have “golfers yoga”. I’ll bet there’d be a fair bit of appeal to us aging guys whose bodies don’t bend the way they used to, and who’d love to get another 10 yards out of their drives.

After yoga we grabbed a breakfast on the beach at the same place we’d had dinner the night before, Round Cube, and then didn’t make much progress from there. I had a good book, I had a great seat in the shade, and I was pretty happy. Colleen went in for a swim a few times and we were content to hang out there for several hours.

That afternoon we went over to one of the many travel agents who line the two streets of Palolem to plan our next stages. We had a pretty good idea of where we wanted to go next, none of which was terribly original. Like most places, there tends to be a standard travelers route. The challenge was that, even though it’s the off season for tourism, it’s the high season for travel for Indians, being the period when they tend to travel home to visit their families. So trains tend to be full, which makes moving on challenging.

We found a seat out of Goa and on to our next destination, Hampi, for Tuesday, the 11th. We weren’t terribly pleased with that at first, but then realized that we were just going to be forced to stay on a beach for a couple of extra days, which is a pretty good thing. We’d stay in Hampa for a day or so, then head to Bangalore where we’ll catch a train to Ooty for a few days. Then back north to Bangalore where we’ll fly south to Kerala. We’ll spend the remainder of our time there, flying back to Mumbai on the 21st to catch our flight home early on the morning of the 22nd.

While at the travel agent we’d also booked a trip for the next day to visit some waterfalls and we’d planned for a houseboat trip in Kerala, one of the apparent “must do’s”. We felt pretty good having that all sorted out. It had gotten fairly late and we had missed lunch, so we went back to our place to freshen up then back to the village to have dinner on the beach at a place called Cuba. The food was great and the service was terrible, the opposite of the way things are in the real Cuba. Lovely irony.

Our second day in Goa had been a good one. Nothing terribly interesting, just a really good relaxing day. The way some of your vacation should be.

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Victoria said...

Little did I realize it would take you traveling all the way across the world before you would try yoga - but better late than never! Maybe Colleen and I can get you out when you're home now.

Miss you guys!