Tuesday, May 4, 2010

still in bombay

The rest of our second day in Mumbai. Not a tonne to report. It’s a huge, bustling, crazy city. And it’s hot. Very hot. And humid.

We went over to the Gate of India, built for King George V’s royal visit of 1911 and was finished in 1924 and was where the English left from in 1948. It’s an impressive arch and worth seeing, but there’s really no reason to spend much time there. Across the street is the Taj Mahal Hotel, which is one of the places the terrorists hit back in 2008. It’s a massive impressive hotel, and we made our way through significant security to get in there, but much of it is closed for renovations. So, in the end it’s just a hotel.

We grabbed a bite nearby and decided to see if we could catch a train out of Mumbai and down to Goa a day early. We caught a cab to Victoria Station where the Foreign Ticket guy informed us that today’s train was totally full in all classes. So we’re sticking it out for another day.

We grabbed a late lunch at Relish, which was far more of a walk than anticipated. And Colleen is quickly learning that even mild food here can be pretty damn spicy. Delicious, but spicy. Then we headed over to see the harbour. It’s nasty polluted, but fairly impressive, with a massive seawall built around the city protected by giant cement jacks.

The architecture of this city is fascinating. Much of it resembles the India that I expected, except it’s crumbling all around. The rest feels like Soviet era bureaucrat buildings. It’s a beautiful but somewhat depressing combination.

After lunch we sorted through some trip planning. We've decided not to go to the Andamans or Lakshadweep. This took a lot of debate, but we're feeling good about the decision. We'll stick to our plan for tomorrow and see more of India, rather than enjoy some island paradise. Tough call.


Jef said...

Hey guys,

Great to hear of your latest adventure. Let me know if you are still in Mumbai or when you will transit back through. I will send MuMu an email tonight.

Take care, safe travels

Jenn, Mina, Violet

Victoria said...

Glad to hear you're safe. Hope fate brings you more opportunity for the rest of your trip.

Victoria, Jan & Shea