Saturday, May 15, 2010

A final day in Goa

The 10th of May was our last day in Goa. We didn’t have a lot planned, and that’s generally a good way to spend the day at the beach. Colleen got the day off to a good start with a private yoga session and an early morning swim in the ocean. We had breakfast at the Cheeky Chapatti restaurant, where I could get my preferred vacation food - lemon and sugar pancakes.

We returned to Bhakti Kutir, where we had to change rooms. Unfortunately, when they showed us our new room it wasn’t particularly lovely. It was open to the outside, so the mosquitos could get at us. The fan and the light switch seemed to be connected, so that if both were on at the same time the fan would go very slowly and become ineffective. That was a big challenge when it was as hot as it was. And the bathroom, which was outside with Indian style facilities, was shared with the bottom half of the “cottage”. Not so terrific. We tried looking in on a few other places in the area to see if they had space, but since it was the end of the season all spare rooms were either being torn down or were worse than the one we had. (And to be worse is saying a lot.) Money was not an issue, there was nothing to be had. I also tried calling a pretty cool looking place just North of us, which I’d spotted that morning reading a travel magazine's "hot list", but was never able to connect the call. Eventually we just decided to accept our fate and stay in the less than fabulous accommodations.

Lunch was at the Round Cube, so we could eat and watch the ocean. Then I spent some time online and on the phone, trying to book rooms in Hampi and Ooty, our next two destinations. We went for an afternoon swim. Cleared up our tab at Bhakti, since we had to leave early the next morning. Then had a nice dinner back at Cheeky’s. They had remembered our questions earlier about whether there were any good bakeries around, so that we could stock up for the next day’s journey, and had carrot cake ready for us. A nice touch.

We finished the day at the Oceanic Hotel, writing these blogs and catching up on important items, like Canucks score. (Oy!) Then it was back to Bhakti for a pretty miserable night making sure the mosquito netting was properly tucked in, sweating due to inadequate circulation, and just try to stay sane.

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