Monday, April 5, 2010

Nice One Golf Town

(warning - golf club lingo follows)

So I had to retire my old driver today. I'd been using a TaylorMade R580XD for the past several years, but the other day it developed a crack on the face. I thought it was a scratch at first, but then it expanded and was clearly cracked. I used it twice on the weekend, but after my drive on 18 today where the vibrations were painful, I thought it best (and safest) to go get a new one. Plus, who knows how many yards I was giving up every time I hit the ball.

So I went to GolfTown this evening to buy a driver. I'd looked online at GolfDigest's Hot List and had decided that the TaylorMade R9-460 or the Ping G15 would be right for me. I grabbed the two of them and was going to proceed to the hitting matts. But then a Golf Town employee asked me if I'd like to maybe try hitting a couple of other drivers as well. Knowing what I'd been using before, he recommended two other TaylorMade drivers, one for $100 and one for $150 less than the two that I was going to demo.

In the end, I actually bought the more expensive of the two that the employee had recommended, saving myself $100 vs. the ones that I was ready to buy. What a great shopping experience. And that's why I love Golf Town. They do what's right for me, not for their commission.

And in the long run it works for them. Because I'll go there to get my next set of irons. And because I also bought a golf bag this afternoon, which more than offset the savings on my driver. So, by being helpful and not pushy they actually received a much greater share of my wallet. Lots of retailers could learn a lesson there.

Nice one Golf Town.

Here's my new driver: