Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whitehorse WiFi

This post is a bit of a public service announcement.

I've just spent my Christmas holiday in Whitehorse. I've had a terrific time visiting Colleen, who is living up here. I've had the chance to go dogsledding, visit Kluane, drop in on some galleries, and just hang out in Whitehorse.

I've also done a lot of reading and spent some time online. Unfortunately, getting online in Whitehorse can be pretty challenging. You may be able to get access through your hotel. The Westmark and the Edgewater both offer it. But if you're not staying there you're SOL.

If you're used to going to Starbucks to get access, you'll be out of luck. Neither of the two in town have WiFi access, which is kind of funny, since that's one of the perks you're supposed to get by having a registered Starbucks card.

Baked, the nice cafe on Main Street, used to have spotty access but doesn't seem to anymore. Fortunately, you can get online there through an unsecured connection from a nearby architect's office. It is by far the best option in town if it's working, but I wouldn't rely on it.

And we made a great discovery yesterday, when all the other restaurants were closed for New Year's Day. Boston Pizza has WiFi. Sure, it's not the nicest environment, but you can hang out, watch a game, and get the most dependable Internet connection in town.

I've done a Google search to see if Whitehorse WiFi got any other results, but I didn't find anything. So I hope this gets picked up to aid future travellers.

btw - Starbucks - Get your act together.

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