Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Olympic Store

I popped into the Olympic Superstore at the Bay downtown yesterday evening.

It's actually rather impressive. There are lots of pretty nice items. The knit sweaters are very well done, although perhaps not particularly Olympic-y.

They're sold out of certain items, like kids red hoodies, boys, size 10/12. But they've got lots of the red gloves in. I'm a fan of the red gloves, 'cause they're an Olympic item that anyone can afford. ($10)

On the other hand, some prices are totally out of control. For example, the Team Canada hockey jerseys are going for $400. That's crazy. Does this look like a $400 jersey?

I think I'll stick with the Sidney Crosby signed jersey I got a few years ago, when I did a spot with him for TELUS.

I was also pretty impressed with the Bay's heritage corner. They've don't a great job with the canoes. And I've always love the Bay blanket. I've got one in storage somewhere that I've got to get out.

There's also a Coke pin trading location. I get the feeling that there's a strong correlation between pin traders and fantasy gamers. It's a cool little set-up and I suppose everyone needs a hobby.

Finally, I couldn't resist getting myself a Team Canada hoodie. I may not be terribly happy about how this whole Olympics thing has gone, or how it's been for business, but I'm still in the Games spirit. It seems like a pretty good quality product, for only $50. I suspect everyone will be wearing them in a few weeks.


Brett T T Macfarlane said...

I haven't seen such blatant name dropping since hanging out with Gary Busse in '97.

TheCrunch said...

Where did you get this sweater?? I found the picture of you wearing it, searching Google Images trying to find out where to buy one, online. I cannot for the life of me find them on any online store!

Stefan said...

At The Bay. You can wait in the 2 hour line-up in downtown Vancouver. It's a little ridiculous. But you can probably get it at other Bay stores too.

TheCrunch said...

Damnations. I live in Saskatchewan - hopefully lines will be a bit shorter.. if they even have any left =( Will haveta take a look in person, I guess though. Thank you.