Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun w/ Volvo

I like this. It's fun.

I have lots of questions though. Like what happens when the guy discovers that she's not his wife. How long will he go on with this charade? Frankly, I suspect that he might go with it for quite a while.

On a more professional note - I always admire advertisers who aren't afraid to make fun of their customers a bit. In this spot, you could criticize it for not making the first driver more self aware that his car and his wife have changed. But they didn't worry about that. They made him somewhat self occupied, and it works. Particularly since the other three characters in the spot, all of whom are also riding in Volvos, don't have their heads up their bums as much as the first guy.

Our customers don't always take themselves so seriously. We're all boneheads at one point or another. That's why everyone loves Homer J. And I'll bet that Volvo customers have been described in some brief somewhere as people who can laugh at themselves. It's great when we can all relax a bit and remember that an ad is often just a bit of fun, not necessarily a dramatic statement.

Nice work Arnold and Volvo.

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