Friday, January 8, 2010

5 Minute Book Review - Survivor

I just finished Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor. It was a Christmas gift from my good friend Victoria.

I don't read enough fiction. I'm not sure why, since I enjoy a good fiction book so much, but I tend towards non-fiction business/marketingy books.

Survivor was fabulous. It was the kind of book that I read late into the night, then get up the next morning and grab it, then read it at night again. Then it's done.

This isn't a terribly deep comment about the book, but I loved the fact that the page numbering started at the end and worked its way down to page 1. What a great way of looking at things. I often calculate how many pages I have left in a book. This had already done it for me. And, since a lot of the book revolved around a countdown to the end, this fit wonderfully with the book's plot.

Chuck Palahniuk has a wonderful way of looking into the ridiculousness of our modern society. He hits our culture in its soft spot repeatedly.

I'd happily recommend this one to someone looking for an enjoyable, fun, not overly deep read.

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