Monday, January 18, 2010

5 Minute Book Review - All The Pretty Horses

I was given a copy of All The Pretty Horses for Christmas. The book was published almost two decades ago.

I've never read anything by Cormac McCarthy before. What an experience. This is one of those books that you put down and wonder how the author writes something like that. He creates an incredible world that is completely engaging. And he writes with a tempo and style the draws you in absolutely.

It's funny. There's a fair bit of Spanish dialogue in the book, and I don't speak Spanish. This was frustrating at first, but it just added to the feeling of authenticity and, by the end, while still troubled about the fact that I was missing things, I had come to respect the technique. The only real challenge is that having chunks of a book that you can't read makes you pause and think about the fact that you're still reading, rather than allow you to be completely absorbed by the book.

It's a cowboy story. It's an adventure. It's got a romance angle. But sometimes all those become secondary simply to the incredible writing ability of McCarthy. You take a break and think about how someone can write like this. I can't describe it, but if you're reading my blog I'd recommend that you give it a try.

This was the first in a trilogy. I'll be going to get the next one soon.

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