Monday, August 24, 2009

Poor kid.

Colleen and I did a canoe trip down the Yukon River the other day. We started in Carmacks and ended up in Dawson City. It took us 5 days to do the trip. I'll probably do a few blog posts about our little adventure, because it was quite a different experience for me.

After the trip we had a couple of days to spend in Dawson City prior to flying back to Whitehorse, where we spent the weekend. I noticed this sign on a street corner in Dawson.

I love this sign. It's so retro. I wonder what year they phased this sign out. If any kid today wore tight little shorts like that to school he'd get killed by the other kids. Plus, that hair and those tiny little shoes are kind of adorable.

And what is that kid doing with that ball? He's flat out dribbling it like #23 on a breakaway. Run kid, run!

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