Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm so depressed.

Thanks to Stan Lee of Brand DNA for pointing this out.

Last year Queensland Tourism ran the hugely successful Best Job in the World contest. I loved this idea. People around the world entered. It got massive PR coverage. In my opinion it was a huge success, as I'd never even considered travelling to Queensland before, and now it was on my mental map. The agency that did the work, Cummins, won loads of awards, including a gold Lion.

We've spoken about this campaign several times with our Tourism Yukon clients. I'd kill to do a campaign this successful for them.

What happened next? Well, Cumming got fired and replaced with a new agency.

And then the new agency put out this:

What a load of advertising drivel. What crap. Now, the only way anyone's going to pay attention to this campaign is through rants such as this.

Maybe there was a good reason why they fired their agency. Maybe they felt that the ROI on the Worlds Best Job campaign wasn't good enough. Maybe the agency was expensive. Maybe they were difficult and didn't want to do a TV campaign. (That one seems possible.) But there's no way that they should have moved to this.

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Brett T. T. Macfarlane said...

Oh dear, that's horrendous. Possibly the fastest so good to so bad transition our industry has ever suffered.