Monday, July 13, 2009

That's one bad billboard

I spotted this ad while driving to work the other day:

If you can't see it, then let me give a little explanation. The headline says "Many like their cider to be just like them. Au Naturale." And it's got a photo of several older, overweight people hanging out on a dock.

Now, I'm not one to argue that your target needs to be reflected in your ads. I think you can do a perfectly good job of reaching your target by featuring someone that's not your target. It's all about the message that's taken away, not whether they can place themselves in the ad.

All the same, what in the world is Grower's trying to do with this? Are they trying to say that this is the cider for fat middle-aged nudists? I think I get where they're trying to go with this - Relax and be natural. But honestly, this is not an appealing image. It certainly doesn't make me want to go grab a Growers and hang out, and I love a nice cold cider on a hot day.

Middle-aged, naked and chunky - Not good photo for alcohol ad.


Brett T. T. Macfarlane said...

Was it consumer generated? If so, then it's a great ad, obviously.

BTW dig the OKS OOH I've been seeing about town.

Nathan Powers said...

As a (Christian) Naturist, I think this ad campaign is fantastic and hope to see more of it. I appreciate the fact that they used people with very common bodies rather than perfectly trim or buff super models, associating their product with "natural" rather than "sexy".

Nathan Powers
Houston Texas

Stefan said...

I am so proud. My blog has a comment from a Christian Naturist from Houston. I am very curious how he stumbled upon my ramblings.

And yes, Nathan, you do have a point. Do alcohol ads have to feature sexy people? No. In fact, the latest ads we've put out for local brewery Okanagan Spring all use normal people. In fact, the one on my desk right now has a very big guy with a huge pony tail and full sleeve tattoos. When I saw it I didn't feel that it fit in a beer ad, which is why it's so right for our client, because it's genuine and not faked.

My point is not that you shouldn't use real people. My point is that you shouldn't use chunky naked people. Big difference.

jochanaan said...

What's the difference, Stefan? Naked or clothed, people are people.