Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brutal Honesty

I was heading into my local driving range when I saw this sign.

But I appreciated this sign for two reasons. First, the insight is bang on. Most golfers suck. After playing for 20 years and loving the game, I still suck. And I think that most golfers know they suck. So they go to the range to improve. But all they really do is practice doing the things they already do wrong, so they continue to suck. Lessons are the only way I've ever gotten better, and it's amazing how seldom I take them.

Secondly, they got the insight across in as blunt a form as possible. Some insights need dressing to make them more palatable. Some need features added to make them more noticeable. But for someone going to the range to try to get better, the brutal harsh truth is the way to go. Leave it clean, leave it simple, and maybe I'll get it through my thick head.

The truth, plainly stated. How refreshing.

Who'd have thought that I'd find a lesson in communications at my beat-down local driving range.

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