Wednesday, May 13, 2009

McChucks vs. The Bucks

There was some very interesting research posted by Pew, looking at whether people would rather live in a community with more Starbucks or more McDonald's. McDonald's won the day, which perhaps isn't surprising this year when people are returning to comfort (& cheap) foods and perhaps eschewing their everyday indulgences.

Here's a chart that shows some of the results. You'll have to click on it to be able to read it:

Most of the stats here aren't surprising. McD's does better amongst those with lower incomes, less education and guys. I did think that the age gap was interesting though, with younger respondents being far more Bucks-Positive, while the older folks headed for the arches. Also interesting was that Starbucks performed better amongst Liberals than Conservatives and amongst Hispanics vs. Whites and Blacks.

One other item that isn't included on the above chart that somewhat surprised me is that McD's performs well amongst all sorts of religious groups, but that Starbucks did well amongst the agnostics and athiests. Perhaps not surprising from the above data, but it's an interesting finding.

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