Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why are they following me?

I ran in the SunRun on the weekend. It was somewhat disappointing, since I came down with a brutal cold on Saturday. All the same, I was happy with my time.

Today I got this e-mail:

Hi, hawes (hawes).

Vancouver Sun Run (vancouversunrun) is now
following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Vancouver Sun Run's profile here:

You may follow Vancouver Sun Run as well
by clicking on the "follow" button.


I realize that this is somewhat standard practice, but don't you think it's a little weird to have an event follow you. People, sure. Companies, maybe. But an event? This might go so far as to be creepy.

I know, I'm taking things too literally. But I don't get it. I want relationships with people, not with fun runs.

And hell, I like the SunRun. I've done it 4 times now and will do it again next year.

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