Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Show costs

There's a very interesting item in Ad Age about the One Show intern (poor guy) who leaked the number and cost of entries by agency. You can read the article here:


The cost of award shows is a little crazy, and the fact that the One Show brought in about $10MM last year is pretty amazing. At the same time, I'm not shocked that a big agency network like DDB spent about $100k according to the article. In fact, for the PR value that they get out of winning several pencils, combined with internal value of having a goal such as this, it's not a bad deal for a huge global corporation. (TBWA, where I work, isn't listed in the article.)

The two most interesting paragraphs in the article are these:

"BBDO's spending was well ahead of the amount spent by the closest agency, the notoriously award-hungry Leo Burnett, which spent around $150,000 to enter about 400 different ads or campaigns. JWT, Ogilvy and DDB all appear to have spent about $100,000, for about 300 entries each, while Crispin Porter & Bogusky entered nearly 100 times.

Perhaps the only surprises in the top 20 in terms of numbers of entries: Vancouver-based Rethink Communications, a 60-person shop, had 87 entries, while MTV Networks had 59, perhaps showing the media owner's serious intent to become an agency-like player."

I have to admit that I was pretty amazed that Rethink had almost as many entries as Crispin. Don't get me wrong, Rethink is a very good agency and they have some incredible talent over there. But to be just a few entries behind Crispin, with their huge client roster and amazing creative output, is pretty incredible. And with the average price of an entry being $358, that works out to an investment of over $30k for Rethink. And that's just for one show. But they haven't had to lay anyone off this year, that I've heard of, so I guess they doing something (or a lot of things) right.

It'd be great if Cannes had an intern like the One Show. I'd love to see what the various agencies invest in that show.

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