Monday, March 30, 2009

Changing Pods

I came across these super-funky changing pods in the Bay downtown the other day.

As you can sort-of see, they're hidden in the back area of the Olympic store, buried behind the kid's clothes where no one can see them. I doubt they get much use. Which is really too bad, because if you go into one and close the door it's like you've got yourself your very one little bubble zone. You're just sitting quietly in a nice white sphere. The next time I'm have a super-stressy day, I'm going to go up to the Bay, close the door, and have a little meditation session.

Sadly, I don't believe that the Bay is going to get any more of these. Apparently they take up too much floor space. Maybe I can buy one off of them post-Games and put it on my deck.

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