Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another interesting auction

As regular readers of my blog may have noticed, I enjoy going to auctions. I like the idea of competing against others to find something special and get an amazing deal. Hell, if the idea of buying a $125,000 dinosaur doesn't get your blood going then nothing will.

I went to an auction preview yesterday. It was pretty cool. They've shut down production on the show The L-Word, which was filmed here in Vancouver. I think it had a 5 year run, so there was lots of stuff for them to get rid of. I'm sure this is normal in places like L.A., but I'd never been to a TV show clearance.

What was interesting about this auction was that they'd segmented the product based on characters' rooms. So you could go in and buy "John's loft". In fact, you couldn't buy an individual item out of John's loft, you had to buy all of it or nothing. 

Now, for me this was a little frustrating, since I just wanted a new lamp or chair. And I'd never seen the show. So when I saw a lamp I wanted, but then discovered that I had to buy a couch, chair, desk and more with it, I was disappointed. But it was a pretty cool idea for fans of the show. Normally you can try to replicate something you see on TV, but in this case, for once, you could actually buy something you'd coveted for years, and at a pretty reasonable price.

I almost wished I'd cared about John's loft, or any of the other rooms on display.

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