Monday, February 23, 2009

Canadian Golf

I went golfing the other day with my friend Mark. We went out to Surrey to play the canal course at Northview. Mark is from L.A., but he's the most hardcore golfer I know. He'll play in any weather. The other day it was still pretty cold. Here's a shot of one of the water hazards.

You can't really tell, but that's frozen solid. There were dozens of balls just sitting out there on the ice, where golfers had hit their errant shots and not been able to retrieve them. (This is Vancouver after all, and the ice doesn't get too thick.) If you'd come with a huge 40' long ball retreiver you'd have made out very well.

Sure, it was a little silly to be out on such a cold day. By the 18th hole I was really starting to feel it. But I also felt like it was a genuine Canadian experience. It's good to have a crazy American to help me appreciate my home land.

Now, if only it would snow on the local mountains again, so we could get back to enjoying February the way we should.

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