Friday, January 9, 2009

Dino Auction

Local auction house Maynard's had a very cool sale last night. They sold dinosaurs. On the block were over 50 fossils, dinosaur bones and complete dinosaur skeletons from a museum in Tokyo.

I personally believe that, deep down, every guy wants to own a dinosaur. How cool would it be to put a t-rex or brontosaurus in your front entrance way.

Here are three of the items up for auction:

That first one, the triceratops skull, was over 6 feet long and was expected to go for over $150k.

The last guy was expected to fetch over $400k.

I went to watch a good portion of the auction. It was held at Science World, which was in the middle of my running route last night. So I went in in my running gear, in the middle of a good sweat. Needless to say, I didn't exactly blend in with the rest of the dino buying crowd.

I expected that they would have the dinosaurs out for people to see during the auction. Sadly, no. They just had a projection on a big screen. All the same, it was somewhat interesting to watch people buy dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, the big bidders weren't out in force yesterday. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the current economy and the difficulty of buying something with no utility whatsoever. Lots of items went for way under their estimate. So, instead of going for $400k as projected the Edmontosaurus (bottom, above) went for only $125k. Which is amazing, because the museum reportedly bought it in '91 for $750k. (Poor bastards.)

I know a few people who drive cars that cost $125k or more. Buying a dinosaur seems like a far better investment. It won't depreciate much more below that. And it's way cooler. And it's a dinosaur. If I had the money, I'd keep driving my 4Runner, park it outside, and have a dino in my garage.

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