Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm alive.

I'm here.

My last couple of postings were on the conclusion of my job hunt. Not surprisingly, now that I am gainfully employed again I've had a lot less time to add to my blog. But, then again, people with way busier lives, more important jobs, and far deeper thoughts than me keep their blogs updated, so I've got no excuse.

A brief work related synopsis of my past month for those who know me personally but rarely see me. (And I believe that that comprises the majority of my readers, sadly enough.)

I started at TBWA as the Director of Client Services. The people there are terrific and I'm enjoying myself immensely. It has been a crazed and hectic month though. The team that I inherited had a couple of people with a great deal of experience and a few with almost none. They had fallen a bit behind in a few key areas, like billing, which are not what the business is about but without which you can't do the business. We had also just implemented a new project management/time management/billing system called Workamajig, which is terrific and cool but makes things challenging for the first little while. So a lot of the first month was spent getting the ship righted. We've done that now and things are looking up.

We've also been involved in a few new business things over the past month. We picked up a project for the IOC to do design for The Olympic Club. We're going to start doing Olympic related work for Visa. And on Friday afternoon we were awarded the Okanagan Spring business. So it's been a pretty killer month on that front.

The agency is great. It feels far more like a team than anything I've been involved with in the past. The senior leadership are very involved on a day-to-day basis. And the work that we're putting out is very strong. Not everything's perfect, but the challenges that are there are definitely manageable and may reflect more opportunity than anything.

The bottom line is that I'm pretty happy and things are going well. Now that some items are under control, I hope to post more frequently again, but I'm not making any promises.

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