Friday, September 12, 2008

Doogie Howser

I saw someone write the other day about George Orwell being the original blogger. Maybe, but really he’s more a diarist because his thoughts weren’t published for the world to see.

I’d like to nominate Doogie Howser instead. Remember how at the end of each episode he’d write a little bit on his computer about the life lesson that he’d learned that day. Who knows what happened to those postings? Maybe they made it into the blogosphere.

OK. Maybe not. But I think that it would be cool / super-dorky to do a new blog that featured the many postings that Dr. Howser wrote. I’m sure there weren’t that many episodes, so it would be limited. And they weren’t that smart.

OK. Maybe not such a good idea.


RN said...

Have you seen the Orwell blog - .
Maybe you can start the Doogie Howser version?

Stefan said...

Yes, I have seen the Orwell blog. No, I won't be starting the Doogie Howser blog.

This was, admittedly, my weakest posting ever. But I felt it needed to be said.