Saturday, July 12, 2008

Low shower-heads

One thing that has always driven me a little crazy is hotels that install their shower-heads right around neck level. I'm not a particularly tall guy, around 6', so it has always confused me to climb into a shower only to discover that the water is coming out well below my head. What is the thinking behind this? Maybe they're planning on saving that 10" of water as some part of an addle-brained water conservation scheme.

Anyway, I'm on the road right now, acting as support crew on my step-father David's Seattle to Portland bike ride. We checked-in to the lovely Chehalis Inn this afternoon. It was the only room left in the region as of Monday, which is when I informed my 68 year old step-father that he and my 67 year old mother might not want to be sleeping on the floor of a local church the night between the two day ride.

The Chehalis Inn is a little nasty, but beggars can't be choosers. However, when I went into the bathroom I was amazed. Someone had initially installed the shower-heads right around nipple level. But with some ingenious plumbing the heads had been elevated to a rational height. Yes, the shower may still have mildew stains, but at least I'll be able to have a proper soaking.

I wonder if there's a name for this shower-head elevating contraption. If so, I hope it's named after the genius who invented it. I'll assume that he was tall.

p.s. Go David Go!!!


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