Thursday, July 17, 2008

How good are your meetings?

A friend of mine questioned my apparent need to have fully formed thoughts before I post them in my blog. He's right, of course. So today, I'm just going to question someone's judgement.

I was walking across the street the other day when I saw this ad.

In case you can't read it, it says "Meetings" - "This is how it should feel."

Now, I actually quite like Westin. Their hotels have always been great and they take good care of me. But I'm starting to wonder if any of them have ever been in a meeting.

I've been in some good meetings over the years. The kind that you walk out of and feel all pumped up and ready to change the world. The kind where you high-five each other, then fell like a big loser for giving someone a high-five. But no meeting I've ever been in has ever felt like sky diving.

And, while I could perhaps understand that this might be seen as aspirational, this just might be taking things a little too far. Because, even if my meeting took place on a plane at 10,000 ft. and at the end we all jumped out the door and freefell to earth, it still probably wouldn't be as good as the meeting shown in the picture.

I suspect that anyone booking a meeting at Westin expecting this experience is going to be sorely disappointed. I wonder if there's a guarantee available. I think I have to accuse Westin of overpromising.

(For the record, I have been skydiving. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the greatest experience of my life. I've never gone again.)

Lastly, maybe I'm reading this all wrong. Maybe meetings aren't supposed to be this good, but this bad. Maybe a meeting is supposed to feel like you've just jumped from a plane, you're plummeting to earth, and your chute won't open. I'll admit that I have been in some meetings that were like that.

Or, maybe I'm still missing the point altogether. Is there some brilliant insight I'm missing?

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