Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad men on the bus.

Speaking of the bus...

So, I got into a bit of an altercation the other day. I'll give the short version, because this doesn't really fit in my blog, but I thought it was interesting...

I was waiting at my local bus stop and a guy walked up with his wife. They were an older couple and had probably just been at the hospital, which is just a block or so from my place.

He offered his wife a Starburst. She accepted. He unwrapped it for her and threw the wrapper on the ground. Then he did the same for himself, throwing the wrapper on the ground.

I stood by, incredulous, and finally had to say something. I likely could have been more convincing if I'd been more polite, but I was a bit shocked. I said "Excuse me. Are you going to pick that up?" 

To which he replied "No. Why should I?"

Well, I really didn't know what to say to this. It caught me a bit off-guard. So I said "Because I live here and I don't want garbage on the ground." 

At this point his wife retorts "Well if you don't want it then why don't you pick it up." 

To which I said "OK. I will." And I picked up the wrappers.

What I found so shocking here was the fact that they weren't embarrassed or anything. They were more surprised that anyone would have an issue with it.

Of course, I couldn't leave it at just this. So I said to the man and his wife "You're pathetic." Which perhaps could have been more clever, but it's pretty rare that I'm in a situation like this and the good lines always come an hour or so later.

I pocketed the garbage and one of the other passengers at the bus stop walked up to me and said "Good for you." Then he shook my hand. I was glad to have that to let me know I'd done the right thing.

Here's a photo I took of the back of the littering guy's head while I was on the bus. I probably should have taken a face shot but I'd had enough confrontation for one day. I am Canadian after all.


Brett said...

Isn't "you're pathetic" your standard response to any and all situations?

Stefan said...

That's true Brett. But I don't normally say it out loud. When it's my outside voice I try to be far more clever.

btw - You're pathetic.

Theresa said...

You should have looked at him in an archly Stefanesque way and said, "You, sir, are a boor. And your recrement is a blight on our fair city. You must have voted for Bush."

BTW, good job on actually saying something to the pathetic loser.