Saturday, June 14, 2008

Political Danger (Warning - Graphic Image)

This will likely be my most popular blog entry, simply due to that warning above.

Check out this injury:

Yeah, I know, pretty weenie.

But wait until I tell you how it happened. I was helping out with my cousin's (actually second cousin, once removed) mayoral campaign last weekend. It was the big nomination meeting, and I was assigned with the task of blowing up balloons. I know, I'm rolling at a pretty high level here.

Anyway, this is a balloon injury. After tying hundreds of balloons, eventually I tore off all the skin. So you see, you've got to be careful of those balloons. They'll get you.

I'm sure I could conclude this essentially pointless entry with a deep and meaningful moral about the power of small things. Very Seussian. But I'm going to pass. It's a little obvious.

Oh. And by the way, my (somewhat distant) cousin won. He's now running for Mayor. Go Peter.

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