Saturday, May 3, 2008

Golf Town blows it.

So Colleen and I went to the always enjoyable Golf Town today. We both had gift cards and it was time to get some new shoes.

When I left DDB back in 2006 they were kind enough to give me a nice GT gift card as a going away gift. Over the past couple of years we've used it several times, to buy hybrids, balls and various other goodies. The gift card that Colleen had was a gift to her from my mom a year or two ago.

I'm a fan of Golf Town due to their terrific service levels. Their staff aren't on commission, so it's a comfortable place to shop and spend some time. This is contrary to most other golf shops, which I find entirely uncomfortable due to the pressure they place on you.

When we went to pay Colleen gave the cashier her gift card. Unfortunately, there was a lot less on it than we thought. We asked why. It turned out they'd been deducting a $2 monthly service charge off of the card, so that we could compensate them for holding our money. This had started after a period of inactivity on the card, which was primarily the result of us using my card.

How is this a good customer experience? We show our loyalty by buying (or, in this case, asking for) gift cards to a retailer. They get our money, that they get to hang onto and earn interest on, until we decide to make a purchase from them. And then they in turn charge us for not purchasing fast enough.

To me, this simply seems greedy. I can't see it being a decision from a marketing department. All I can figure is that the finance or operations guys took control of the gift card program. Whatever it is, it runs totally counter to the overall Golf Town brand experience.

GT - You need to fix this.

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