Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Flying home

On the morning of January 22nd we headed home.

We left our hotel and walked out to the street to be accosted by cab drivers wanting more than double the appropriate fare. My response to each was to ask for the meter rate, at which they looked horrified and would throw up their hands in frustration. We walked a block to the main road, where the first cab said no but the second relented.

I had a Whopper and a coffee for breakfast since I hadn't been to bed the night before. It seemed like a good idea at the time, although my stomach would make me pay for it later. Colleen was feeling rather ill and stuck to the airport croissants.

The new Bangkok airport is huge. It's fascinating looking, with great billowing roofs and massive steel structures. It feels like something out of a science fiction movie, like a base on Mars. But it's totally generic and a little spooky. Interesting? Yes. Nice? No.

We flew Thai Airways to Seoul via Taipei. The Taipei bit was a surprise to us, as it wasn't on our itinerary, but it was nice to get out and walk around for an hour or so. Now I can say I've been to Taiwan. Sort of.

In Seoul we transferred to Air Canada. We'd flown through Seoul on our way to Indonesia, so we knew our way around a bit. I had expressed my enthusiasm for this flight to Colleen earlier, as I was looking forward to 12 hours of my own entertainment system, with a selection of about 30 movies, like we'd had on our way over. (It's amazing what'll get me excited after 8 weeks away.) Then, about 20 minutes before our already hour late departure, the flight crew came onto the PA and announced that passengers may want to go to a nearby book stall and pick up reading materials, as the in-flight entertainment system was not operating. Yay Air Canada!

I went to the book stall. An average magazine in English was over $20. No way. I'd read my Churchill biography. It was going to be a long 12 hours. Once we got on our flight I tried to turn on my seat's overhead light to read. No such luck. Oh God! There was only one solution. I got a few drinks from the liquor cart, took one of Colleen's sleeping pills, and said good night.

I awoke somewhere over Northern BC. I've never taken sleeping pills before but wow, do they ever work great. We had a little breakfast and landed.

Colleen's parents were there to pick us up. They'd also brought us jackets and blankets. They drove us home, where they dropped me off in our apartment which they'd filled with fresh groceries that morning. Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Rostek. What a wonderful way to arrive home.

Colleen went with them to use their laundry facilities. We'd been in enough places over the past 8 weeks that had bed bugs that everything was going to go through the super hot treatment a few times each.

I did "home" things, which I won't continue to write about in detail anymore. It was good to be back.

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