Friday, January 11, 2008

Day Two on Ko Lanta

On our second day in Ko Lanta we were once again picked up by a hotel vehicle first thing in the morning. It took us to our new place, the Ko Lanta Marine Park View Resort. This was our 4th hotel in 4 days and 6th in 7.

We'd been promised a beautiful room with a view of the bay. It was not to be, but it had AC and hot water. We had breakfast and decided what to do with the day. I wanted to explore the island so we went just down the street and rented a scooter. We picked our scooter rental shop based on which one looked like it would have two helmets, a rarity around here. We got them, but mine was about 3 sizes too small, Thai sized, giving me terrible headaches after about 5 minutes of wearing.

We set off on our island driving adventure. We started by driving north. I won't go into details of the entire island, but eventually we got to the end of the island, where there's a small two street town. Colleen and I have been having lengthy discussions about how nice it would be to have a sailboat here, so when we saw a sailing charter office we decided to stop in. The woman that helped us was very eager, but the price tag for a one day charter was a little steep for us. We said we'd think about it and were heading to leave when Colleen asked a question that I can't quite remember, but from the answer we learned that her husband was Canadian. We talked a little further and found out that her husband was a pilot for Westcoast Air, that they spent 6 months each year in Thailand and 6 in Canada, and that they'd recently bought a house in Sechelt. When we told her that our family had a place near Halfmoon Bay she let us know that her husband likes to grab a beer in the bay and have a sit on the beach. It's such a cliche, but it's true, it's an incredibly small world. As we went to leave her husband pulled up. So we spent some time talking to him, finding out about life for a Canadian in this part of the world and what it's like to run a sailing charter operation. It was a good chat and they were very nice people. Her name was Sammy (sp?) and he was Wynn Davies.

After we left them we headed south, down the other side of the island. The beaches aren't as nice there, so there are very few tourist things. We found the old town, which was the island's original port where traders on their way to Singapore would stop, and had a drink. Then we carried on south, past where the Sea Gypsies camp out, to the end of the road where there's a bit of a settlement. We turned around and headed north again, until we found a road that would take us back across the island.

We had spotted a beautiful little beach earlier in the day and went in search of it again. After a few wrong turns we found it, Hat Nui. Gorgeous sand, some rocky bits and no resorts, just a restaurant on the cliffs overlooking and a few scooters pulled up on the road. There was no shade, but it was late enough now to not be a problem. We found a nice secluded spot, had a bit of a swim and enjoyed the sunset.

After the sunset we hurried back to the resort. In the dark I didn't fully trust my scooter driving yet. Remembering to keep to the left wasn't too hard, but the occasional lapses were a little scary. We had a nice dinner at the hotel's restaurant overlooking the bay, I did a little blogging (several postings ago), and headed for bed.

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