Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day three on Koh Lanta

On our third day in Koh Lanta we had a late breakfast at a little cafe down the road from our hotel, called the Drunken Sailor. Great coffee and fruit shakes there.

We renewed our rental scooter and rode over to the area where our previous hotel had been. The drive was a bit of an adventure, since it was up and down a steep unpaved road. We had seen signs that said that there was a waterfall in the area, and we wanted to see it. At the bottom of another dirt road there was a hut, where you could hire an elephant to take you to the waterfall. We got directions there for walking and set off.

The hike was essentially straight up the river that was fed by the waterfall. In some areas there was a little trail through the forest, but for the most part it was picking our way along the rocks. We were confused, as we couldn't figure out where the elephants would have walked, so we kept looking for what would have to be a fairly apparent elephant trail. We were only later to discover that the elephants only went about 10 minutes, to the base of the river, and riders walked from there. Colleen took me on a side trip or two up into the hills in search of a trail, but we never found one. (Because there wasn't one.)

After about an hour we arrived at the waterfall. It wasn't spectacular, but it was very nice. It was about a 50 foot drop and there was a little pool at the bottom. Way too shallow for swimming, but nice to walk out into. Colleen was first under the falls and I followed. After the heat and humidity of the walk in it was incredibly refreshing and we both enjoyed a good soaking.

We hiked back down the river, which took far less time than on the way up, and climbed back on our bike. We headed back along the dirt road, grabbed a late snack, then along to the wonderful beach where we'd spent the previous evening, Hat Nui. We read on the beach and played in the water, then got ready to leave. We weren't going to stay for yet another disappointing sunset. But as the sun went down the view got better and better. It was truly spectacular. This was one Thai sunset that didn't disappoint.

After the show in the sky was finally over we rode down to the north end of the island, back to the hotel where we'd stayed the first night. We had gone back for their fantastic Indian curry, and it was as great as we'd hoped for. Well worth the hour long ride.

That's about it for day three. Another great relaxing island day.

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