Friday, January 11, 2008

Day One on Ko Lanta

Day one in Ko Lanta was just about perfect for me.

It started with us getting picked up by our new hotel, the SunMoon Resort, from our old hotel, The Diamond Sand Resort. We made a 30 minute drive to the other end of the island in their pickup truck, with groceries rolling around in the back. The last 10 minutes were along a dirt road that had been thoroughly abused.

Upon arriving at the "resort" we got our bungalow. It was a tragic broken down old thing. We asked to see a more expensive one, which looked just like the first. We decided to stay and suffer through it. We took a quick walk down to the beach then had breakfast in the "resorts" dining area, alone. Never a good sign.

At around noon I headed down to the beach again, about a 5 minute walk from the resort. The beach was beautiful. Gorgeous fluffy sand. Very calm. No people. A couple of sailboats moored in the harbour. Cliffs on either end. I entered the beach through a little bar/restaurant, and right beside it was a place where you could rent a hammock for the day under shade for about 20 baht. (60 cents)

I rented a hammock for myself and another for Colleen, then sat back to relax. I was reading another of Anthony Bourdain's books, A Cook's Tour, the second of his on this trip. Colleen came down to join me after a few minutes and took over her hammock. We had a few drinks and did very little else. I was very happy.

There's not much else to post for this day. We went for a swim in warm clear water. We watched a good, but not great, sunset. We had drinks at a bar at the far end of the beach, where we were the only customers. We sat there, me with my G&T and Colleen with some fruity concoction, and watched the waves catch the moon rays. And we had dinner on the beach. Close to the perfect day.

In the end, we went back to our room where a few little creatures awaited us. But not even they could disturb the kind of island day that I had had.

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