Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back to Bangkok

On January 18th we left Nai Phlao to head back north to Bangkok.

We started the day out leisurely, but it was still raining so we didn't go out for one last dip. Our ride from One More Beer picked us up around 11:30 and drove us to Khanom. From there we caught a mini-van up to Surat Thani and then a taxi out to the Surat Thani airport. We looked around the airport for a restaurant, couldn't find one, so we dined on Pringles and Coke again. Then we got our 1-2-Go flight up to Bangkok.

We arrived at the old airport in Bangkok that isn't supposed to be used anymore, but is extremely busy anyway, and took a cab into town to a hotel that T&B had mentioned to us, the Rambutri Village Inn. Our cab driver had difficulty finding it, primarily due to the fact that it's located in tourist central, which is packed with hundreds of other little hotels. We're just a block or two away from Khao San Road, which is like the backpacker mecca of S.E. Asia, so it's a little hectic. We took a look at the rooms, which are fine, and checked in with the very surly staff.

We had three days in Bangkok until we had to fly home. That evening we didn't do much. We walked around a bit. Got some food at a restaurant just down the street from the hotel. (Terrible food. I guess it's their "tourist" special.") Checked out another hotel that T&B were thinking of staying at, and watched a bit of TV at our place. Nothing special.

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