Tuesday, December 25, 2007

To Jakarta

The day after Borobudur, December 23rd, we made our way to the train station to catch the 9:00 train to Jakarta. We had bought tickets a couple of days earlier in Executive class, as we wanted to avoid the Economy and Business class experiences we'd had before. And we had decided to take the 7 hour train ride to Jakarta instead of the hour long flight since I wanted to get a chance to view the scenery along the way.

Unfortunately, after getting on the train we discovered that our seats were right up at whatever you call a bulkhead on a train. There was no leg room at all, and the rest of the train was sold out. It was going to be a long ride. Nasty toilets and a lunch that Colleen declined but that I ate the rice out of. We were scared of the chicken wing that was included.

The train ride was beautiful. Rice fields and hills the whole way. As uncomfortable as we may have been, I think it was worth it. (Colleen may not agree.) 8 hours later we arrived in Jakarta. We caught a cab from the cab company that our hotel recommended. Apparently there have been attacks on tourists from some drivers from other companies. And we went to our hotel, the Park Lane Jakarta.

We had picked this hotel after hours online trying to find a nice place to spend Christmas. We checked in and found a lovely view. We went down to the lounge, included in our class of room, and discovered the bite to eat that we'd been told was available was actually a pretty decent dinner buffet. After no food all day we sat down and ate everything. Then we crashed. An uneventful but interesting day.

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