Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Today it's Christmas.

I woke up this morning and searched all over the hotel for something that would serve as a tree. No luck. They take pretty good care of the foliage here, and I would have felt badly about taking anything live. I ended up going down to the street, where I "acquired" a branch off of a tree. I also borrowed a gift from the tree in the lobby, to serve as decoration. Santa came last night and dropped off a filled stocking that looked remarkably like the socks that we were given on our Singapore Air flights, which added nicely to the decor. I also had a Santa hat that we bought at a local toy store. We were in full festive spirit.

When we got up, Colleen opened her stocking. Some lovely gifts were exchanged. And we spent the rest of the day being lazy. We've just eaten dinner. We watched White Christmas earlier, and we're watching Elf now. We've really accomplished nothing at all today, which is just about perfect.

I miss waking up on Christmas morning with my family. Watching Brynn and Cameron open their stockings. And swearing that next year, there will be fewer gifts under the tree. It's not to be this year, but I suppose that's the trade off for running away for two months.

Merry Christmas everyone. Or, in Indonesian, Selamat Natal.


Christy said...

Hi Stefan,

Christmas Day was exactly what you remembered. Cameron and Brynn woke us up at 7am although we held off till 7:30 am when we woke up Mum and David. Tons of stuff in the stockings and a gazillion presents under the tree (which I cut down from the bluff.) It's about 9 feet tall.

I have the turkey in now - no, I'm not going to use your Turkey DeepFryer. That privilege belongs to you.

Miss you tons. Your present awaits you here.


Clair said...

Dear Stefan and Colleen: It was so good to hear your voices this morning. So sorry I started to cry, it startled me that I did. I just miss you both so much, and when I think about you not being here, I then decide to think about how rich you make your lives by jumping on these opportunities to know the world. And hence you enrich our world and set a definite style of living for B.& C.

Much love, Mum

Clair said...

Hi Colleen and Stefan, good to hear your voices this AM. I miss both of you. Your Mum and Clair gave me a book of "Scrabble-doku." Sort of a combination of Scrabble and Sudoku. Will share with with Sudoku-er Colleen when you are home.
Love, david

Jeff said...

Hi Stefan and Colleen and extended Hawes family,

Love the blog. I keep telling people about your adventures.

Amelia is presently bedazzled by her first viewing of Fantasia and a mix of Tylenol and chocolate orange egg. The holiday virus has a hold of her. Despite that she took to present opening with steely eyed determination. I wonder if Christy has experienced this with Brynn and Cameron where, even at this early age, they pose questions meant to foil you. I think she said with the "from Santa" card and wrapping in her hand, "isn't this one that Daddy wrapped from Santa?" Hmmm

Turkey DeepFryer - only Stefan.

Missing you both, soak it all up.

Maybe we can see the pictures this time. That would be a first.


Jenn and Amelia